Saints Archery is a club open to everyone, from experienced archers to complete novices; students, teaching staff and alumni. We welcome all four main shooting styles – compound, recurve, barebow and traditional – but our competitive training focus is on olympic recurve, since that is the style our coach and most of our experienced archers can teach most effectively. 

We provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all, whether you are interested in competing or just shooting for fun. Archery is a very accessible sport, and we welcome disabled students who wish to shoot with us and can provide appropriate coaching and equipment. 

We have regular sessions 5 times a week and attend many archery competitions around the country. We are a friendly club and have weekly socials, including a night at the pub after an evening session and brunch in town following the Sunday morning sessions where club members can get to know one another. 

The club has its own bows, arrows and all the necessary safety equipment so you don't have to fork out for anything when joining. The membership fee includes shooting outdoors throughout the summer for those remaining in St Andrews. Find out more about how to join the club.

For any questions on payment of club and Athletic Union fees or the community club, please feel free to contact us.