About Us

Archery has been a prevalent sport in St Andrews since the 16th century, with regular mentions of student archery practice in Butts Wynd (the archery straw bosses were originally referred to as butts) and the occasional uprising, as well as the occasional rivalry with golf! The University also hosted the Silver Arrow competition, which dates back to the 17th century and is still run to this day. 

The sport died out for a short while in St Andrews during the 18th and 19th centuries before being reinstated in the 20th century (along with the thankfully discontinued suggestion of archery blazers), where it continues, ever growing, to this day.

Nowadays the club's main focus is target archery, and we shoot both indoors and outdoors depending on the season. 
The club currently has around 120 members, and has some members who are qualified to coach at a lower level. It is run by an executive committee who you can find out more about below.

Our committee

Amy Cooper
Hey, I'm Amy and I'm a second year English and Latin student. I had been doing Archery for about two years before University and had qualified as a Scout Archery instructor in the summer before, but I really got into the sport once I started uni (and things snowballed from there!) I'm now training to be a Level 1 Coach, and hopefully will have passed by October! Although I started on barebow, my one true love is traditional archery and I'm very happy to now have my own longbow!
Colin Casey 

Hi, I’m Colin and I’m a fifth year Materials Chemistry student. I had barely tried archery before university, apart from the odd birthday party, but after joining in first year and being welcomed into the club, archery quickly became one of my favourite hobbies! There’s so many different styles to try and it’s so accessible to everyone that I think it is the best sport!

Connor Grose
Hi, I'm Connor and I'm a second year PhD student in physics. Archery was a sport I had always wanted to try but had never been available until I moved to St Andrews. After going through the beginners course I immediately fell in love with the sport and the club and wound up running for committee after my first year. Morning shoots followed by Sunday brunch are the highlight of my week.

Surabhi Desai
Hi, I'm Surabhi and I am a fourth year Mathematician. I came into archery as a novice when I first arrived in St Andrews just two years ago and I am already competing regularly. I began, as most of our novices do, as a recurve archer and moved onto barebow last year. I am gradually moving back to recurve. But don't worry, I will still be shooting a lot as a barebow!

Equipment and Records Officer, 
Safety Officer
May Duncan 
Hi! I'm a third year Economics and Maths student and I've been shooting with the club for two years. I had no archery experience before coming to the club, and now I love it so much I even have my own bow! We are a very friendly club and are keen to help anyone improve their shooting, whether you're a complete beginner or experienced archer.

Equipment and Records Officer
Faye Shillibeer
Hi, I’m Faye and I’m a fourth year Russian and Spanish student. I had never shot before starting university but quickly felt at home with the club. I really love the competitive side of the sport so my focus is Olympic Style Recurve and I’m determined to keep the competition success of the club growing – I want us to be the best club in Scotland. We’re also a very social club which I love. We hold weekly socials and attend other events together making our club so much more than just the sport. Archery has been a part of our university for hundreds of years and I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the group continuing another of our ancient traditions.

Outreach Officer
HopeLily Van Duyne
Aloha, I'm HopeLily and I'm a second year History student. Before Uni I had a bow and only a general idea of how to use it (I've improved a lot since then.) I joined the club last year as the only compound archer, and I'm happy to say I'm no longer alone in the category. I'm a summer camp counselor and love teaching kids archery at camp, as well as scouts at Uni. I love going to competitions and meeting archers from other Universities, as well as road tripping with the rest of the club! 

Publicity Officer
Jack Horsburgh
I'm a third year Computer Science student and have been shooting with the club since I started here. I always had an interest in archery but only had a few opportunities to try it before joining the club. As the publicity officer for the club I'm in charge of taking lots of photos and keeping this website vaguely informative. Although I started as a barebow archer I've gravitated towards the recurve style since I'm looking to get more competitive this year (barebow still has a place in my heart though, don't tell Colin). 

Ordinary Member

Alisdair Cain
I'm an alumni member of the club, having graduated a long time ago with an MA in Management and Modern History. Since joining the club in September 2015 I've become an Ordinary Member and helped at a series of community outreach events. I'm a barebow novice and a fairweather archer. When I'm not shooting, I teach History and Classical studies at a local school. I'm also Captain of the Madras Hockey Club 2nd team.

Ordinary Member
Charlotte Engel
Hello! My name is Charlotte and I am a second year Modern History and German student in the Joint Degree Program with the College of William & Mary. I started archery in my first semester at St Andrews and it quickly became my favorite sport to partake in throughout the year. I shoot with a recurve bow and whether you're an absolute beginner like me or have lots of experience, the team is so helpful and welcoming!

 Novice Rep
Jennifer Bachmann
Hi! I’m Jennifer and I’m doing my MLitt in International Business. The first time I shot an arrow was with the archery club here in St Andrews. I was absolutely fascinated by it and I’m currently saving up some money to buy my own equipment. I really like how welcoming everybody is in this club. When I’m not debating over the concept of free markets during lectures I’m usually binge watching my favourite tv shows.

Stan the mascot

Hey, I'm Stan the Aardvark and I'm the mascot for Recurve and Compound archers! I've been around a bit longer than Drew and have made it to many competitions in someone's quiver (usually Colin or HopeLily!) I've also had longer to accessorise, so I often sport a fetching hand-knitted scarf and a beautiful shuttlecock hat (although it's sometimes borrowed for target practice!) Obviously I'm biased towards recurve and compound archery - who wouldn't want to shoot the same way as Olympic Atheletes? I'm also Andy's successor, but we don't talk about him...


Hi, I'm Drew the Duckling, and I'm the mascot for Barebow and Traditional archers! Although I was a bit of an impulse purchase, I've quickly found my way into the hearts of many of the club members (even the recurve ones!) Whilst I haven't made it to as many competitions as Stan, I have travelled the furthest as I made it down to Lilleshall for BUCs Outdoors 2016 - and I was right at home in the torrential rain! Obviously I'm biased towards barebow and traditional archery - why would you not want Legolas or Robin Hood as your role models?