Whilst we pride ourselves on being a beginner friendly and relaxed club, Saints Archery also has a competitive side! The club takes part in small 'league matches' with other Scottish universities throughout the year, usually starting early in first semester (around October/November) and new members are always very welcome to compete. Novices compete against other novices, so the competition is always equal. League match competitions are also a great way to track your progress and see how you stack up against other archers of similar experience.

A step up from the league matches are the SSS competitions (both indoor and outdoor) which again are part of the Scottish League, but more formal. The final step up from these are the BUCs indoor and outdoor competitions which are national competitions which the club travel to every year, but don't be put off - novices are welcomed at these competitions too! As well as this, the club hosts our own Silver Arrow outdoor shoot here in St Andrews, and an internal league just for us. For the first time, this year we will also be competing in a Varsity match against Edinburgh University in September.

Competition Dates

League Match 1: 29th October 2016
League Match 2: 5th November 2016
League Match 3: 19th November 2016