Joining the club

To join the club during Freshers' Week, please come along to the Sports Fayre, our give it a go session, or the first beginners course session. You can get in contact with us using the email or social media links at the bottom of the page. Please note that attendance at the four session beginner's course is compulsory for joining the club unless you can prove you already completed a comparable course at another club.

We require club membership to be paid by the end of the second session of the beginners course. To join later in the year, or at the start of Semester 2, please contact us.

Membership fees are £20 for the entire academic year. The membership fee includes membership of ArcheryGB, insurance, entry to university competitions and the cost of using club equipment. 
To pay for club membership use the university's payment site here
Please be aware that a lot of club activities and socials will now be paid for through the online platform 'Tilt' and you may need to create an account at - further information will be emailed out when necessary.

Sports Centre membership is separate and so you will have to pay the University for that through their online form ( You will need at least the club access membership to join archery and other sports clubs.