Beginner's Course

We run a beginners course for new archers that runs for the first 4 weeks of the semester which teaches the basics of shooting technique and safety, allowing archers to then shoot safely with little supervision. These sessions are run by a qualified coach and are required for anyone wanting to shoot with the club.

The first two sessions are free, after which membership will need to be paid to the club and AU to continue. See "joining the club" for more information.

For 2017, the beginner's course will commence Friday 22nd September 4:30-7pm but will run on a different day each week. The weekly email will contain the dates of subsequent sessions. Each session will focus on a different aspect of shooting. You will learn in small groups with one of our experienced archers as a dedicated mentor for the duration of the course. Once you have completed the beginners course, you are welcome to come to any and all of our sessions.