Community Sessions

This year, we are pleased to announce that we are trialling a weekly open session for the local community during our Sunday session (9-11.30am.) These sessions will eventually  be open to everyone aged 10+, from complete beginners to experienced archers, although please note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The sessions will begin on 6th November with two weeks of 'have-a-go' sessions for anyone aged 16+ who would be interested in joining the club. All sessions will be attended by a qualified coach. After the second have-a-go session, the club will send out an application form for interested potential archers. Due to the size of the club and the novelty of the idea, we will only be looking to take on around 10 new archers to begin with (who must be 16+) who would be looking to attend our beginners course in January in order to see how the community sessions work with our normal club sessions before expanding.

Membership fees will be slightly different for members of the public intending to shoot with us due to Archery GB insurance rules. For use of Sports Centre facilities, public members will be encouraged to pay the £6 visitor's fee, or if you believe you will attend more than 11 sessions then the Club Access membership (£70) may be more suitable.

Public members will also be required to pay for Direct Archery GB insurance as the club insurance does not cover non-student members. For adults (aged 25+) this is £50 per year, and for student and child members this is £10.50 per year. The club is happy to help people apply and may put in a bulk order depending on interest.

If you are interested in attending the community sessions or have any further questions, please email us at